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Quick Video from the 2012 Formula 1 USGP

Last weekend I had the opportunity to watch the 2012 United States Grand Prix in person. It was really an amazing experience and the track and facilities are awesome. I took a lot of photos and videos and some of them turned out well, others didn't because as you now know, any time you go to a major sporting event, everyone is going to have their cameras out and they often get in your way.

Regardless here is a quick video I put together with clips from the start of the race, the first lap flyby as well as some other shots of cars going through the main straightaway. I hope you enjoy and hopefully I'll be posting more often.

That being said it really is something you have to experience first hand. No amount of pictures or videos can truly convey hearing the sound of Formula 1 cars rush by you at 180 mph.

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