Getting Your Amazon Store Ready for the Holidays

Photo credit: The impeccable Marcus Loke

Selling on Amazon can be a great way to build a business, with hundreds of millions of products available online. Amazon has built the trust of regular customers, which is why it holds an incredible 50% market share of the U.S. e-commerce market. 

While creating an Amazon store is obviously a must for any type of eCommerce business, there is so much competition that it’s important to stand out or risk getting lost in the noise. The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program theoretically allows for anyone with a computer to create a private label and sell products that may not be up to expected standards, making customers wary of buying from businesses that are seen as less reputable. 

This can be offset by registering with Amazon’s Brand Registry, which is an exclusive program that helps legitimize a brand and proves credibility. Creating a store at Amazon is available only for businesses, and requires a registered trademark for your product in order to apply for the registry. 

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

It is important for any business trying to maximize Amazon profits for the holiday season to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry to unlock a host of benefits. There are several potential benefits for businesses once they are enrolled in the program.

  • It allows for greater promotion of products via a multi-page Store on Amazon for free, offering greater control of content and increased visibility. 
  • Through Amazon’s A+ Content feature, the Amazon Store allows for the creation of a deeper brand story, and allows for more use of rich text and images which creates higher conversions. Similar to a website, the brand registry program allows businesses to create a multimedia experience of their products, without the customer being able to see competitors’ listings, as is more typical of Amazon.
  • Businesses can also learn more about their customers, including how to reach them more successfully. This includes advanced analytics that allow for greater information on search teams customers are using, as well as deeper customer behavior data. 
  • Amazon Brand Registry enables features that allow for greater protection of the brand. This is everything from better management of brand listings to ensure accuracy to automated protections that remove content that could infringe on brand copyrights or content. Amazon offers not only a more efficient internal team to help fix and escalate issues, but also a dedicated internal team to investigate IP infringement claims. 

There is a reason why Amazon has blown away the competition in the eCommerce space – it offers consumers an unmatched level of service along with a superior selection of products than anywhere else. Amazon Brand Registry allows businesses to maximize sales and exposure on Amazon, while allowing for better brand protection. From start to finish, the enrollment process should ideally take about two weeks, making it important to register as soon as possible to prepare your Amazon Store for the holiday rush.